Helping each other, we believe can make all the difference in an emergency and our AI powered RescueGIS system empowers us all to prevent harm before it occurs.

Until danger happens, current safety systems appear good enough. It’s a false hope, people in danger feel vulnerable and responders can’t do it alone.

Emergency conditions and threats of violence small and large are common and like many others I have been personally affected. The tipping point for me was the Parkland Florida violence, when my daughter as a junior in High School came home and asked, “What do I do if something like this happens in my school.” I was shocked, knowing there is little on site that can help, and in 2018 we chose to act.

Our focus ever since has been on very early interventions, emphasizing the importance of simplistic use, immediate rescues and incident intelligence, along with hidden and mobile physical barriers. 

The first sales of our patented Smart Shield occurred late in 2019 covering the entry areas and protecting 13 schools. In February 2020 every school and business campus closed for Covid 19. We then shifted full time to develop RescueGIS.

As our company and system capabilities grew, we realized there is an enormous need for safety and real-time responder intelligence worldwide and we knew the technically advance system we were building could have global reach. This led us to "Safety Wherever You Go".

Today, ArmorGIS has patented technologies that makes innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and geographical information system (GIS) technologies. Together with our industry partners we apply our capabilities to safety and security, delivering powerful new features for individuals, sites, and cities.

Our new safety capabilities enable several breaks with past procedures and the emergence of new methods, made possible by advancements in AI, GIS, IoT, mobile network speeds, location accuracy, as well as indoor positioning.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and distribution partners with vast technology, security, and law enforcement experience. At our core, we care greatly about the well-being of people, and particularly for children. We also commonly hear from first responders ”We can't do it alone.”

Our role as a technology system provider is to enable new responder intelligence that naturally flows into improved rescues times, operational effectiveness, and efficiencies. Located in Hermosa Beach, California, USA, ArmorGIS is on an accelerating path to our goal, delivering Safety Wherever You Go and New Responder Intelligence.

Thank you for considering our efforts to provide…
Global Personal Safety and Threat Intelligence.

Chad Ahrens, Founder and CEO