Smart Sites and Campuses

Enterprise Security has a New AI Partner...

Live threat location intelligence and on-scene images are leveraged to deliver an optimized rescue response.

Out of Chaos Clarity

Live Intelligence & Images

No more a sea of dots. The most relevant threat location intelligence is illustrated.

On-scene images complete the picture...

Site security knows where to go... Guided to the threat with arrow in hand.

Smart Sites configurations are customizable to meet your needs.

Arrows Guide Users Away From Danger

Employees are notified based on their proximity to the threat. Those too close to a threat are guided to shelter with a red X or directed with an arrow pointing them away from the danger.

As the threat moves the notifications change in real-time.

Enhanced Response

For staff with one click, “Help is Coming, just that fast…

Site security knows where to go.

If additional help is needed, engage first responders or 911 with a click.

All involved share the rescue intelligence and in-hand guidance.

  • Threat Location
  • X to shelter
  • Arrow to escape
  • Breadcrumb path
  • Health Status

Live On-Sceen Images

Access the group text, to share images, videos, and text with responders. All organized by incident and timestamped.

Responders have a stream of AI powered Intelligence & Images.

A Powerful New Combination

Live incident map and Live on-scene images,
deliver powerful common operating intelligence... in the palm of your hand.

Staff and guests are kept safe with instant alerts and escape guidance.

An entirely new level of intelligence.

Safety Only at Work or Better?... Well-Being Everywhere For Employees and Their Families.