Emergency and Disaster Management

Emergency and Disaster Management

Enhanced Community Alerts and Responses Leveraging AI

“When Something Happens, People have One Brain Cell… Make it very simple”. Credit; Brilliant Sr Emergency Manager:
Highly experienced advisors are the foundation of RescueGIS. Transformative community engagement methods and AI powered capabilities are now available and very powerful.     

RescueGIS provides emergency and disaster communications capabilities with communities like never before.
Authorities can define areas and send intelligent alerts with instructions so informative and simplistic that lives can be saved. Available is the ability to send evacuate or shelter in place alerts and to receive on-scene intelligence.


Area Alerts:

On the area map, authorities choose the emergency description and the location along with the size and shape of the area to alert. Also chosen is guidance to escape or shelter in place. If escape is chosen, the users within the area receive a notification of the emergency and an arrow pointing them away from danger and if shelter in place is chosen, a description and red X is illustrated on their mobile phone.


Eyes and Ears of the Community:

Input can be made available to authorities directly from individuals and responders on scene. For each incident a situational map tracks the threat movements with a breadcrumb path, displaying the threat area and alert areas, as well as the location of those involved all in sub-second real-time...


Provided is a New World of Capabilities Leveraging the Power of AI:
For users it could not be easier and the capabilities could not be more powerful. RescueGIS subscribers have new ways of receiving immediate help from nearby responders and if needed, one click access to on-site security, police, and 911. With one click… “Help is Coming” just that fast. For authorities, the improvements in effectiveness and community engagement at a local and area-wide scale are priceless.