Very Early and Automated Alerts

Very Early and Automated Alerts

It Could Not Be Easier...
One Click or Health Wearable Alert

RescueGIS Does The Rest... 

First Steps

Access the system with an app store download. Next select your personal rescue-contacts, people that would come help you if needed. It can be 3, 300 or more.

With One Click... Help Is Coming

Your nearest three rescue contacts are alerted and pointed to your location with a big arrow in their hands.

Just as easily, RescueGIS can be reset with a click of All Clear, by two people. 

Removed is the stigma of calling 911, early when it’s still only a concern…

All Involved Share the Same Live Incident Intelligence Map

A group call and group text are opened for all involved, allowing those in need and responders to communicate and share images or videos.