Very Early Identification of Threats or Emergencies

Very Early Identification of Threats or Emergencies

For Users It Could Not Be Easier.


With One Click... Help Is Coming

Your nearest rescue contacts are alerted and pointed to your location.

Just as easily, RescueGIS can be reset with a button click, jointly by those in need and a responder or by two responders.

This removes the stigma of early notifications when it’s still only a concern…

All Involved Share the Same Live Incident Intelligence

On the second screen, click "Call 911" if needed and share the same incident intelligence and rescue location with the 911 center.

A group call and text are opened for all involved with the incident, allowing those in need and responders to communicate and share information including photos and video of the incident.

On smart sites and in smart cities, with one click, the smart site security personnel and the smart city local police nearest to your location are alerted and pointed in your direction.