Emergency Communications AI911

Emergency Communications AI911

AI powered sub-second real-time threat and emergency location intelligence

Instantly visualize the incident and movements with new enabled AI911:
New sources of location intelligence are now available directly from those involved on scene and from responders. This new level of situational awareness, until now, has only been imagined.


AI applied to Safety and Security takes 911 intelligence to new heights:

Leveraging the AI powered system, multiple inputs are used to calculate and display threat and emergency intelligence, these are coordinated into incidents, mapped and illustrated all live in real-time.


Simplistic User Interface and Dynamic Responder Routing:

With one click… “Help is Coming” just that fast. The user Rescue Contacts “nearest” to the emergency are notified, guided with an arrow to the rescue location and a group call and text are opened with responders.


911 Center Engagement:

A one click call to 911 can also be made anytime by those in need or responders, with the rescue location intelligence mapped and shared with the 911 center.


Clear Indications:

Threat tracking includes the involvement of several users combined into a single incident. These multi-point incidents are dynamic, as the movements are tracked. Emergencies are labeled, single point locations, with the movements tracked as well. All are mapped and clearly illustrated with different shape, labeled, and colored icons.


New Insights and Dynamic Incident Tracking:

The situational map locates emergencies by type and tracks threat movements with a breadcrumb path, displaying the threat area and alert areas, as well as the location of those involved, all in sub-second real-time.


Smart Sites:

For the site staff notifications are sent based on their proximity to the threat. Those too close to the threat are notified to shelter with a red X and people in the alert area are shown an arrow pointing them away from the danger, all of which is illustrated on the situational map.


Adjacent Smart Sites:

If a threat encroaches, adjacent sites are notified with the option to display the threat intelligence to their site users.


Indoor Positions Systems IPS:

If the accuracy of an indoor positioning system is needed including floor elevations, RescueGIS can be deployed using existing IPS wearable IoT devices or by adding ultra-wideband UWB IPS infrastructure.


Off Loading Police Calls:

Being aware of the threat location, smart notifications are sent to the nearest three site security officer, having the potential to offload calls that would have gone to 911.


Smart Cities:

When the threat is in a smart city, with one click notifications are sent to the nearest three police officers or others as established by the subscribing city. At any time, with one click those in need and responders can request a higher level of response or call 911. At each notification the rescue location intelligence is shared.


RescueGIS Real-Time Intelligence Provides Insight into 911 Until Now Only Imagined:
Leveraging the power of AI, there is now a new source of intelligence that allows PSAP to achieve AI911. RescueGIS could not be easier for users and the sub-second real-time location intelligence expedites rescue times to levels never before experienced. Smart Sites become safer and Smart Cities experience a force multiplier, effectiveness, and community involvement to levels never before possible.