Law Enforcement and Policing

Law Enforcement and Policing

Enhance operations with AI powered intelligence

Put the system to the test…
Intelligence directly from those in need and other responders, is enriched and displayed in the palm of your hand, all in sub-second real-time accuracy. A powerful new source of intelligence is now available.

New Levels Operational Effectiveness are Possible.
New on scene sources of intelligence powered by AI enables RescueGIS to achieve its goal of Safe People Everywhere. Coupling this to the benefits of Precision Responder Operations is a force multiplier and takes effectiveness and community involvement to levels never before experienced.


While it’s Only a Concern:

RescueGIS takes a new approach to individual safety. While it’s only a concern… users are asked to let someone know and with one click… “Help is Coming” just that fast.


Off Loading Police Calls:

Being aware of the threat location, smart notifications are sent to the nearest three rescue contacts for the user. If on a smart site, notifications are sent to the nearest three site security officer, having the potential to offload calls that would have gone to 911.


Smart Cities:

When the threat is in a smart city, with one click notifications are sent to the nearest three police officers or others as established by the subscribing city. At any time, with one click those in need and responders can request a higher level of response or call 911. At each notification the rescue location intelligence is shared.


Location Intelligence:

Responders at all levels are instantly informed. Illustrated on smartphones is a real-time rescue location map and directional guidance arrow.


New Collaboration:

The situational map tracks the threat movements with a breadcrumb path, displaying the threat area and alert areas, as well as the location of those involved. For each incident, a group call and text are opened to communicate with responders.


Neighborhood Policing:

Leveraging the power of AI, communities can come together improving safety like never before… As incidents occur, responders can be informed such as local community police. Those affected in the community can report incidents together with one click. Multiple “Threat In Sight” button clicks are used to calculate and display the threat location movement to responders dynamically all in real-time.


Incident-Type Responder Pairing:

To support neighborhood driven policing, options exist for incident-type responder pairing based on a one click menu.


Precision Operations:

Available are threat movement tracking for enhanced criminal search operations and many other precision operations use cases for emergency management, fire, rescue, and homeland security.


AI Powered Operational Effectiveness and Community Engagement:
Leveraging the power of AI, the coordinated involvement of individuals and responders in safety along with the new mobile delivery of situational and location intelligence, allows smart cities to multiply force effectiveness and community involvement to levels never before possible.